As a new member of the online media community, I’m consistantly looking for ways to better myself. I’d like to learn to be a better writer, a better helper, and a better website owner. When reaching out to others in the space, I was recently referred to the Yakezie Network. It’s a network of bloggers that work to selflessly help each other while helping themselves.

iWatch Markets Accepts The Challenge

In order to become a Yakezie Member, which I’m excited to do over time, you must first complete the Yakezie Challenge. The challenge seems to be a relatively simple one. Here are the rules:

  1. Install The Alexa Toolbar – Alexa is a website that ranks the world’s websites based on popularity. It does so through data mined from its toolbar. So, Yakezie wants members to get involved by downloading the toolbar and sharing their online habits. Done!
  2. Constant Content – Challengers, including myself, must also write consistently between 2 and 4 times per month. Of course, this is to keep your audience engaged. No one likes a stale website! I write every weekday, so we’re good to go there!
  3. Install The Yakezie Badge – They came up with the challenge and challengers must show pride in being part of it. Promote the brand and help to build the network by installing the Yakezie badge on your website. Check out the right side of the footer here and on every other page of iWatch Markets… DONE!
  4. Announce Your Involvement In The Challenge – This is likely to continue spreading the word about Yakezie while helping them to keep track of when challengers started their challenge. Nonetheless, I’m working on this step as we speak lol!
  5. Selflessly Promote Others – Yakezie is trying to spread the word that the online media community is just that, it’s a community. You don’t have to walk around with your hand out. In fact, from everything I’ve read, it seems like the more you do for others in this industry, the more successful you become. It seems like Yakezie is working to nurture this culture.

Ultimately, the goal of the Yakezie Challenge is to increase the popularity of your own website while helping others to thrive in the process. The success is measured by your Alexa rank. As a new website, ours is pretty high, but we’ll work on that. My goal during the challenge is to bring our Alexa rank from 16,623,826 to 200,000 in the next six months. Wish me luck!


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