Novavax (NVAX) Stock: Pay Attention As We Move Into 2019

Novavax NVAX Stock News

Novavax, Inc. (NASDAQ: NVAX) is having another very strong day in the market today on no news. However, regardless of the fact that there has been no news as of late, investors are starting to take note of what many are calling one of the best stocks to get into as we move into 2019. Today, we’ll talk about:

  • Where all the excitement in NVAX is coming from;
  • what we’re seeing from the stock; and
  • what we’ll be watching for ahead.

Why NVAX Continues To Climb On No News

At the moment, Novavax doesn’t have to release news to excite investors. That’s because the company has multiple catalysts ahead that investors are anticipating. Here’s what’s coming:

  • ResVax – ResVax is an RSV-F vaccine that is being developed by NVAX. The vaccine is currently in the midst of a Phase 3 clinical study for the maternal immunization of infants. This is overwhelmingly important as the late stage of development means that should positive results be reported, a New Drug Application (NDA) is likely to be submitted with the FDA relatively soon, opening the door to a long line of catalysts. Not to mention, RSV sends a massive amount of infants to the emergency room every year, showcasing the strong need for the vaccine. In fact, it is projected that if the drug is approved, it will generate sales of $668 million per year by the year 2024.
  • NanoFlu – NanoFlu is another asset that investors are watching very closely at the moment. NVAX is developing NanoFlu as a vaccine for the seasonal flu. There’s a big problem with current flu vaccines. They are losing efficacy each and every year. So, this is another vaccine that has a high level of medical need. In this particular case, NVAX is working on Phase 2 clinical trials. Once again, data from this trial is expected to be released in the first quarter of 2019.

What We’re Seeing From The Stock 

With quite a bit of data coming our way in early 2019, investors are becoming more and more exciting about NovaVax. After all, should the data in these trials be positive, one candidate is likely headed toward an NDA submission with the FDA while the other is likely headed into pivotal Phase 3 trials. So, it comes as no surprise that the stock is headed up in the market yet again today. As is normally the case, our partners at Trade Ideas were the first to alert us to the gains. Currently (11:18), NVAX is trading at $2.39 per share after a gain of $0.16 per share or 7.04% thus far today.

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What We’ll Be Watching For Ahead

Moving forward, the iWatch Markets team will continue to keep a close eye on NVAX. In particular, we’re interested in following the story surrounding the development of both the ResVax and NanoFlu. We’re also keeping an eye on the company’s work to develop an Ebola vaccine. Nonetheless, we’ll continue to keep a close eye on the news and bring it to you as it breaks!

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