PDUFA Watch From iWatch Markets

PDUFA Watch gives traders the ability to get in on FDA approvals before they happen. We do the research and find coming PDUFA dates. Once we find the date, we dig in and provide a detailed analysis outlining whether or not we believe that the drug at the center of the New Drug Application will be approved and why. As a result, you have the ability to dig in and make a decision as to whether or not you want to make an investment before the catalystic PDUFA date.

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What Is The PDUFA Date

PDUFA dates are deadlines that the FDA has to make decisions with regard to the approval or rejection of a New Drug Application (NDA). In general, the FDA has 10 months from the date the NDA is accepted. However, drugs selected for Priority Review will be approved or rejected within 6 months.

How To Use PDUFA Dates To Your Advantage

Using PDUFA dates to your advantage when trading is a relatively simple process:

Step #1: Know When PDUFA Dates Are Coming 

When a new drug is approved by the FDA, it tends to act as a catalyst, sending a stock on an explosive uptrend. Adversely, when a drug is declined, we tend to see explosive declines. However, these happen quickly. So, knowing when the FDA is likely to approve or reject a drug in advance is key! PDUFA Watch gives you these dates!

Step #2: Get An Idea Of Whether Or The The Application Will Be Approved

It would be a bad idea to buy a stock based on a New Drug Application that isn't likely to be approved. Therefore, it's important to do some digging to get a good idea of whether a new drug is likely to be approved or denied. PDUFA Watch comes with a detailed analysis as well as our educated predictions with regard to how PDUFA dates will go!

Step #3: Make Your Trade

Based on the probability of approval, make your trade before the PDUFA date to take advantage of the catalystic event to come.

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