Genprex, Inc. (GNPX) establishes as the future of cancer research with their new product unveiling

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“Genprex has had a wild success recently, at the 5th Annual Immuno-Oncology where it first presented the game-changing drug known as Oncoprex to find non-small lung cancer in the most effective and final fashion imaginable.” 

Austin, TX– The clinical-stage gene therapy firm Genprex, Inc. presented itself recently at the Sachs 5th Annual Immuno-Oncology BD&L and Investment Forum at the Waldorf Astoria in Chicago with the aim of presenting a new alternative to fighting cancer with their centerpiece product known as Oncoprex.

Taking place on 31st May, the gathering essentially represented the convergence of various leaders taking head-on the case for cancer, including from research institutes, patient advocacy groups, as well as companies in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology segments with the set aim for partnerships, funds, and investments. In that respect, Genprex left nothing at home, creating a benchmark of achieving promise in this particular medical field, which has been quite infamously filled with unmet failures and disappointment. On the other hand, the company utilizes the converging of various kinds of personnel to provide weight and meaning to their entire mission of providing an effective and facilitating treatment for almost every kind of cancer. Oncoprex, which is an immune therapy product, is just the first step with what can be considered as an alternative approach but has an intrinsically greater potential than what many get from more ‘traditional’ means. 

For cancer patients, products like Oncoprex could be effectively life-changing, which has been developed at years on end by Genprex as a definitive proprietary platform through technology. This product essentially is for the type known as non-small lung cancer. For this, the company’s platform shall incorporate effective cancer-fighting genes- storing them in ‘nanovesicles’. These are added to the body intravenously, and reach the tumor cells for provisioning protein, in which case, there is a noticeable absence of the same. The mechanism of the drug occurs at various points of application, including denying the pathway for mass growth of the existing tumor cells, and shall direct the pathway of the cells mutated genetic nature onwards to a state of natural cell death, whilst also ensuring that mechanisms to deny drug effects are also allowed by this to a great extent. There are, however, many other issues associated with the drug, which is openly admitted. It is quite evident that the drug requires more research, and Genprex absolutely aims at doing so.

You can probably find more about Genprex, Inc. by visiting at their website at and taking into consideration all of these factors.                                       


Genprex, Inc. is a clinical-stage gene therapy development company, whose primary goals are analyzing and creating groundbreaking research with respect to one of the most dangerous ailments found today-cancer. Although they are of many types, the company has been able to develop one successful immune reinforcement therapy known as Oncoprex, which are quite certainly the most widely occurring form of cancer in the non-small lung field. These are the most widely occurring cancers when compared to any type, and the company is true to the belief that it shall be best encountered when the definition of the cells itself should undergo change. The potential, as evident from their first product launch, shall effectively try to create even more gene therapy products, which has the potential to overturn the field of oncology directly on its head.       


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