International Land Alliance (ILAL) Is A Stock That’s Hard To Ignore

    International Land Alliance ILAL Stock News

    Investing in real estate can be a very lucrative venture, especially when those doing it really know what they’re doing. In fact, the allure of real-estate riches has led to the launch of hit television shows, websites, and magazines alike. 

    The problem is that breaking into the real estate investing space comes with challenges. First, you have to have a pretty large initial investment to purchase and renovate properties. Moreover, you have to have the know-how to really make it in the space. 

    Nonetheless, there’s another way to gain exposure to real estate that’s far less cumbersome. Investing in the right real estate companies can give you the ability to tap into the gains without the large initial investment or the necessary know-how, so to speak. 

    International Land Alliance Takes A Unique, Yet Profitable Approach To Real Estate

    International Land Alliance focuses on purchasing land in Mexico, developing the land into villas and apartments, and selling or renting these villas and apartments out for a profit. However, it’s important that we think of the genius strategy at play here. 

    First and foremost, location is key in any real estate venture, and the team at ILAL are masters when it comes to choosing locations. The company’s properties, while located in Mexico, are in close proximity to the Mexico/United States border, and affluent areas in California as a result. 

    This is a key strategic play as it gives the company the opportunity to tap into an affluent American audience while developing in a low-cost area. 

    Another important factor associated with the strategy at ILAL properties is its deal with CleanSpark. One of the challenges in Mexico has to do with a lack-luster power grid. Therefore, International Land Alliance teamed up with CleanSpark to develop micro-grids for its properties. Not only do these micro-grids provide reliable energy solutions, they are built out using clean energy sources, including solar, wind, and fuel cell technology. 

    Considering the audience that the company is reaching out to with its properties, the simple fact that energy is dependable and renewable is a key selling point. 

    Finally, ILAL is taking one more big step to appeal to their chosen audience, International Land Alliance is building out vineyards within some of its developments. These vineyards are coupled with wineries, giving owners and guests the opportunity to taste and access wine that’s grown on property. 

    Bringing This All Together

    International Land Alliance is making all of the right moves in real estate. By purchasing low-cost land in close proximity to affluent areas and building out properties that are tailor made to this audience, the company is on track to produce tremendous gains for investors!

    Disclosure – Neither the author nor the publication are investment advisors or broker/dealers. Investors are urged to do their own research before making any investment decision. CNA Finance, parent company to iWatchMarkets has been paid thirteen thousand dollars under a 5 month term agreement at a rate of six thousand five hundred dollars per month. In exchange, CNA Finance provides International Land Alliance with research, writing, and other digital investor relations services.


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